Useful Tips for the Hungry Internet Marketer from Angela Clark

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Angela Clark: Hello?

Mark Samms: Hi! Angela, so, Hi! Everybody on the call? This is Mark Samms and I have today – Who is gracious enough to come and speak of us today. A young lady named Angela Clark and she is going to be talking about something that she is doing within a business and how she has developed as she developed in her business how she is growing and we’re going to go through some stuff in relation to a list growth and things like that, so how are you today Angela?

Angela Clark: I am good Mark. How are you?

Mark Samms: I am good! I am good! We have been having some quite peaceful days of the last few days. It is a bit unusual for this time of year in the UK for us to have half decent weather, so, I am enjoying it. I am definitely enjoying it. How is the weather where you are?

Angela Clark: It is beautiful here in Chicago! So I can’t complain. I can’t complain.

Mark Samms: Excellent! Excellent! Excellent! Hold on a second, let me just…let me just plug-in my headset and mic properly so I might just using the laptop.

Angela Clark: Okay.

Mark Samms: Okay, excellent! So can you still hear me? In my…

Angela Clark: Yes! Yeah, you are good. You are good.

Mark Samms: So let’s yeah… let’s just get started so that we can make this content practice possible for our listeners. So, what the first 1:18 I want to go into really is really sort of wanting to know about what you were doing before you started on in your internet marketing business and even are you working on full time in internet marketing or – and what made you transition and use internet marketing as a way to supplement your income and where you currently are at, if that is the case?

Angela Clark: Okay! Yes, sure! Before I got in to internet marketing, I was working in the real estate industry. I was working for a large restaurant chain…

Mark Samms: Okay.

Angela Clark: Here… here in America, representing the company looking to property radiates, negotiating third parties as it relates to anything that impacted properties that deal.

Mark Samms: Okay.

Angela Clark: And I always have…

Mark Samms: Oh! Sure!

Angela Clark: I always a side interest in my own business and so I was investing in real state on my own, trying to do some things to place my income because I want it to work for myself.

Mark Samms: Yeah!

Angela Clark: and it just so happened that I had signed up for a course since the membership say two other real estate investors and they also had partner with two other people who work internet marketing.

Mark Samms: Okay.

Angela Clark: And when I signed up for the course, I have realized that most of the real estate content was really – information that I was already familiar with, most of them are going to help me with my business very much, so, I decided – okay, I am just going to continue with the membership but before I did and take a look at the modules they had on internet marketing and I was really intrigued by! Because I thought Oh! You know if I am having this on a real estate month maybe I can do a little bogus internet marketing to supplement my real estate income.

Mark Samms: Okay.

Angela Clark: So, that is where I got my introduction internet marketing as I got a little bit deeper into the information. I realized that internet marketing have mastered the potential than the real estate in terms of how quickly I can make money, so, I make the decision all over a year ago to devote my interest purely to internet marketing. I still work in a data by that point but really just put my own personal real estate investment in there was on the side in the side of the focus on marketing and then in March of this year I make the decision to leave my job so right now I am full time in internet marketing.

Mark Samms: Nice! So cool! I love it! 3:49 stated that they have gone full time in internet marketing, so cool that. How do that feel?

Angela Clark: It feels great! I mean I am not where I want to be that but you know it is still you know it encourages me everyday to work my hardest because I know that I have to make it happened. I do not have anyone else to answer to other than me now. All right, it is a great feeling. It is a great feeling. It is still a business so you have to treat this such you know.

Mark Samms: Very much so, yeah, definitely and would say that your past experience working in real estate industry because that is kind of so complicated. What is the company is working for – working within the industry gave you discipline that helps you in the online business at all?

Angela Clark: Okay.

Mark Samms: what is it completely in there?

Angela Clark: No, definitely. You know the thing is as I look back now I see that there is so much of marketing in everything so some of the things that I was doing is real estate you know. It goes hand in hand. It just applied me to a different 4:49 that is really you know quite of the same things and concepts in terms of discipline absolutely. Absolutely 4:57

Mark Samms: Definitely, definitely! This is just a bit a side question like in regards to like mindset. How do you say, how do you say mindset affects how you work on a daily basis within your business?

Angela Clark: You know it – that is an interesting question right now because I have some business partners and one in particular you know where we talk about this regularly. Your mind set can affect so many things. You will be having a down day and we all do from time to time. To have those in self doubts. It can really hold me back. I mean I had days where you know, I have questioned you know is this real? Can I really take this to the level that I want to take it to? and we start feeling that self doubts when you start feeling those beliefs you know it becomes a sparrow that and I go hey! No! I am going to take myself out of this you know.

Mark Samms: Definitely!

Angela Clark: Okay and it is just a belief and just take a massive action and you know I know all these sounds cliché. We have heard people say those things before because it is absolutely true.

Mark Samms: It is absolutely true. I agree.

Angela Clark: You have to keep your mind right about it. You have to stay encouraged and you have to surround yourself with good people because they are going to be you know lots of folks who give you that “Ah!” you know and then maybe family and friends and they say “Oh! You have them all! That sounds right, what you doing in” that is the…

Mark Samms: What do they say? How is that thing doing that you agree of doing? How is that business thing doing that you are doing? You are still doing that. I always get that from different members of my family in stuff like that. They are surprised that I am still maintaining it and keeping it going month by month sort of things so yeah.

Angela Clark: Yeah! I don’t! I do not even talk to like family and friends about it anymore. People who do not really understand that I you know I do not even start girls’ conversations.

Mark Samms: Yeah! I know definitely! I understand that and because in the end of the day yeah, they can bring… they can bring negativity just sometimes without even saying certain things that can bring negativity and just in the tonality and stuff like that which can affect you subconsciously at the end of the day you do not need anything like that. Could you got your own… your got your own – your being is so 7:10 obviously that will be that anybody else come along and make the things worst when you try to bit yourself in a daily basis, so…

Angela Clark: I agree.

Mark Samms: So, I completely understand where you are coming from there. So just since that we are going to this point of like the mindset and how it important is. I know this is a bit of topic from what some of the stuff we are talking about but I just want to dig a bit deeper into if you do not mind.

Angela Clark: Sure!

Mark Samms: Okay, so like I find that there is in daily things that I do to get myself in the right… right mindset stuff like that. Is that similar for yourself? Is there anything that you do on the daily basis that makes it become a habit more than… more than the…

Angela Clark: Well, you know from one thing, I am trying to adapt more regimented schedule. That is number one because like I said of course, it is still a business and you have to treat it like that because what I found this is quite just going to leave things to chance just like Oh! You like just kind of whole day just cheat chatting on Skype or reading email or whatever. You caught up on that but one thing that really helps me to charged up for whatever I have to do especially from sitting down or to write something you do like in product creation, (excuse me) or anything like that, I love music you know and everyone gets me charged up in my days so I put o my favourite tunes.

Mark Samms: Excellent. No! That is good! That is your ritual, that is your ritual and there is nothing wrong with that. Yeah, that sounds, that sounds great! And I…I love a bit music as well and yeah, you put on the few tunes and that it really can changes day like if you 8:41 down a little bit. It can really change – It changes day and put you in a mindset really like “Oh! I am ready to go now” so I definitely agree with that. So back to… back to like since you came to your online business now and your – what happens to be the first things you did like after you started the internet marketing what was kind of within it and stuff like that? What some of the first things you did when you realized that building list was really important? What some of the things you did to…to build that– those first few hundred to few thousand people on the lists to start off with?

Angela Clark: Well, you know to be honest I have moved from tactic to tactic and really it was very fortunate to discover most building not too far into my education, so…

Mark Samms: Okay.

Angela Clark: Of course, I always say I had to put together sales 9:37. I struggled with that a little bit because I am not a technological person and I am still not so I had to be smart about that you know outsource those things to people who could help me.

Mark Samms: Excellent! I love that! I love the fact that you was…you was – you 9:51 even and as you did that.

Angela Clark: No, it is easy because those things can hold you back and I have moments where I was like “God!” No, I am never going to be successful with this because I just could not get things puzzle done. I could – the tight piece done so I said okay, this is a minor thing once you get pass this you know, all I have to do is focus on getting track to it making a twist to it. So once I have someone who can help me with that, I will be okay, so I spent logged time and energy trying to find those folks and once I got that up, you know I just started focusing on.

How do I get people on my list? So I bought a recourse under the sun that I could just do not list building you are – and was with the help of a mentor just to get some tips on what I need to do, just strictly to build my list, it is secretly for that so the first thing that I did was I started buying solo ads. You know a lot of people will tell you that you can build a list for free and you absolutely can. I mean there is some that it is you know that you can use that will get you some traffic but it is not going to be a significant as if you know pay for your traffic.

Mark Samms: I put 4my hands up and I agree for it. I have tried doing the freebee leopards which you give you a little bit few scrapes here and a few scrapes there and maybe if you worked 16 hours a day on those methods you can build them up over months and so on and so forth but like you say you pay – it is really simple to just get solo ad and yeah be – 11:37 send that traffic and send that traffic straight to your squeeze page just so in case that anybody does not know what solo ad is. It is basically somebody else that has a list and they will sell you a number of clicks so and then that click must go to wherever the squeeze page is that you want that to be sent to. So that is what solo ad is. So that was the first things you did is work few solo ads, okay?

Angela Clark: Right.

Mark Samms: Okay.

Angela Clark: And that you know you’ll be amazed on those results. I mean I had you know a couple of hundred people within the few days and the fact they…

Mark Samms: How did that feel? How did that feel?

Angela Clark: That was huge! You know because I – that was in such a rush because I was like “Okay! This is not is not as hard as I thought”

Mark Samms: That is right!

Angela Clark: Especially coming up with much struggles with the technology.

Mark Samms: Yeah.

Angela Clark: So now it is like okay. I have people on my list, what do I do with this people now?

Mark Samms: What did you do with them? How did you now monetized?

Angela Clark: Well, So I started with a few just content most of just trying to build a relationship with the list you know because there are always people who know less than you and so I just felt okay, well, I will write short articles on what I do know and you know just testing different things, some things work, some things did not and then you know I started to see about affiliate offers that I can sense of the list to see it, knew how much money could I make off of that list.

You know and it’s…it’s always a working progress with the steps that I do you know trying test on what the offers in my list like and most recently you know actually I sent a survey to my list and I just ask them asked them I said “Hey! you know I have been sending you these emails. I want to hear back from you. You tell me what do you need, where are you at in your business, what is most important to you?” and that information, that is gold, that is gold because you can either got…and find offers that match up with the things that you want to me to send to you or you can or you can produce your own products. Just…

Mark Samms: Yeah! Pretty much and is…what is good about that is that your marketplace is valid in their interest.

Angela Clark: Exactly.

Mark Samms: So you cannot really go wrong when you are building it or providing content around or office around work where your marketplace is saying that they are the most interested in so that is the key point there that you just highlight to get to know your list by survey and then by asking tem questions in your blog by maybe even doing Q and A sessions and so on and so forth with them and things like that. So that is the key point really is you are trying to understand who your list are, who the people are because of that 14:26 list but there are people or individuals on the other side of the when I ask so yeah, I definitely…I definitely feel about what you are saying there. I see how that can be a benefit 14:37. That is amazing! Okay, so you talked about in regards to you have some issues and so on and so forth initially where in regards to getting up the squeeze page or the options page or the landing page or whatever people want to call it. It is basically a page where somebody can put their name and email address in, okay and it presents an offer or some sorts of 15:02 to exchange your name and email address for whoever it is that you are – and so and so forth. Now, you mentioned that the squeeze page like what in regards to an options page, What would you say based on your experience so far are some of the key elements that make your option page convert better like where you done it weak and you said “Oh! Okay, I see that I get more options because of that. What some of the key elements that you have gathered so far?

Angela Clark: Well, number one I have learned through trial and error. Really everything needs to be as they say above the fold especially being…

Mark Samms: Okay, what does that mean?

Angela Clark: You know so you do not have to scroll down the page…

Mark Samms: Okay.

Angela Clark: in the box where you – or inputting your emails. So you essentially want the whole page to sit on the screen without having to scroll up and down to view all the information on the page.

Mark Samms: Excellent! Okay.

Angela Clark: That is huge. I mean that can change – I had a squeeze page where you have to scroll even just a little bit and you know I have someone edit it so you did not have to scroll it all and that it more improved my conversions by like 15 percent.

Mark Samms: Wow! That is amazing!

Angela Clark: and that is small edit.

Mark Samms: That substantial, it is weak.

Angela Clark: Exactly! And one thing that I avoided early on and I come to learn over the last couple of months and I embraced it and that was you know the art of writing with headlines just writing a good copy.

Mark Samms: Okay.

Angela Clark: It is a skill that I think a lot of us are intimated by and we run away from it because it is just sound so onerous like Oh! My God! You know I have to learn copy writing as soon as 15 years to do that. You know there is a very good material out there and you know if you read one or two books on a paper copy writing more you will learn more than most people in this marketplace because people just throwing things up there and that is that really helped me. So you know reading a few journals and copywriting. They like kind of has a great book called “The Ultimate Sales Letter”.

Mark Samms: Okay.

Angela Clark: That is a good book. Let us see, there is another one “Influence” by Robert. I am not going to pronounce his last name properly. I think it is C I L D A N I, he is a social psychologist.

Mark Samms: Okay, Okay.

Angela Clark: You read that book “Influence” it has pretty much from start to finish everything that you see in internet marketing and why people who are successful in internet marketing are successful because they follow the tenants in that book.

Mark Samms: Okay.

Angela Clark: It is s amazing…

Mark Samms: I am going to ask you to 17:53 get out on older books. I prefer listening to stuff.

Angela Clark: You know what I am not sure because I got it on my ad pan and I was just so intrigued by it. It was coming up because as I was looking for copy resources, I had two or three people mentioned that book and I said you know what I think I will check this out and psychology was actually my major in college

Mark Samms: Cool!

Angela Clark: So I was like find it very interesting and I read. I am about a half way through it now and I read the first four chapters and I was like Oh! My God! I am like I see all these elements of people’s sales pages and the different offers that they make and now I understand why.

Mark Samms: So who is it by again? It is “Influence” by…

Angela Clark: Robert Cildani. I do not know how to pronounce his name. It is C I L…

Mark Samms: Oh! It is coming up. I can see it. So it is C I A L D I N I.

Angela Clark: Yeah! There you go.

Mark Samms: Okay cool and that is the…that is an order for it as well and orderable. Excellent! I am going to be getting – I am going to be ordering that later. Okay, so you recommend that one eh?

Angela Clark: Highly! Highly recommended and you know if and you will be able to go back and take a look at things that you see you know all the marketer’s offers, there sales pages, everything and to see some of the same things that you read about that book.

Mark Samms: Oh! Great! Great, great so some what you learned in your copywriting and study in copywriting and a bit more depths to make your – I guess the content on your squeeze page influenced people better and make people take action. What would you say that so – when you got to your headline, is there like a formula that you should go about to make that headline powerful?

Angela Clark: Yes, there is a couple things you can do. One you can create a sense of urgency or 19:48 and so you can say you know some variation of point 19:53 I am giving you – you text. You know the ultimate guide to affiliate marketing or…

Mark Samms: Okay.

Angela Clark: maybe, so you want… you know you want to encourage people to act now because it may not be there forever. You know so…

Mark Samms: Yeah!

Angela Clark: 20:12 is a good one. I am only getting away to copies or… or some people may disagree with this you want to be more cryptic, may be you do not tell what the offer is you know just hand and hand tactic and you will create a visit entry and say…

Mark Samms: Okay.

Angela Clark: check out this! This is…this is the most amazing offer ever. See how I may you know x dollars and x base using this method. Okay but why not to this day? I am going to put my email address on the top and see what that is.

Mark Samms: Okay, Okay. Yeah.

Angela Clark: So creating their mystery and you know it gets claims added to your list and then once you get them there you know obviously is just that…

Mark Samms: You are going to build a relation… yeah.

Angela Clark: Exactly! You got to create that relationship.

Mark Samms: Oh! Wow! Okay, yes so sure let me just recap on what we are talking over there, so you said that one of the key things is make sure your above the fold and that basically means that everything that is – that you have actually 21:13 that you want the person to see made that you do not have to scroll up or down the page as they can see it as soon as they land on the web page, is that right?

Angela Clark: Exactly.

Mark Samms: Okay, in addition to that you said that it is important to spend a bit of time even if it is just looking at some few resources or even practice 21:34 money. It is just to get some information on the basics of copywriting so that you can write a companion offer to make somebody feel like it is worth while then put in their name and their email address in and based of whatever your truth is and whatever if they are for in and so on and so forth. Something that in times like so excites, motivates, and leaves curiosity or makes the person feel that that there is a scarcity that the potential they – okay, there are only going to be a few days left, I need to get on this now, stuff like that so you try to understand how copy works and how to use it towards the getting your most decided result.

Angela Clark: Exactly.

Angela Clark: So I am in this – right now the thing about copy, if I have to do it all over again. I will spend a little bit more time on that because once you master that the rest is really easy.

Mark Samms: Okay, no, I see what exactly what you mean in that definitely. So like – so you – so that is the squeeze page. That is a really good information about how to obviously improve your…improve your squeeze page and so on and so forth. So once you have done that and your banners in solos or you are doing some other stuff maybe, some abstracts whoever else or wherever she is doing to add traffic to your squeeze page. What stands people on your list? What then? Like I know you just said you send some content email but like how do you maintain a good relationship of your list so they continue to be active and take action?

Angela Clark: Well, there are couple of things. One you know, you want people to know that you are a real person, that you are not just someone out here who account them with affiliate offers day after day, so, you know do not just send offer after offer, offer after offer to your list. You know tell them a little bit something about you, you know, tell your story. People want to connect from other people. People buy from other people, do not just find out because they want to hear you know a little something about you, so I tried to number one I still respond all to my emails. I get people find you know my list writing to me everyday and I write back to them. You know even if it is just the short you know, they would still buy on my product. If someone buy something from me it is just a quick note.

Mark Samms: How does that – have you noticed anything with that? like have you noticed the last helped your writ yet? Is there any certain times where your results that you can say that I come back from making sure you reply to reply to everybody’s emails because I have to admit that sometimes inside emails come in and I think I will go to reply with them and forget to and I have been so – I have been so – I made more late to make sure I replied to everybody’s email. Just sometimes they will just be saying “Oh! Thanks for the email to me” sometimes and I just want to say that is cool. Send the message back or it might be asked a bit more in that question so how do you find does that helped?

Angela Clark: I have gotten some buyers from them.

Mark Samms: Oh! Seriously? Oh! Wow! Okay.

Angela Clark: So they 24:43 so I like okay, so why you sent his offer the other day and you know I was looking at this and you know do we have some success from this? And you know I will be honest with people I say “Hey! You know I took a look at this. I have not used this product myself. What sorts of things are you working on?” and they start to dialog and I picked up a couple of buyers from my own products from that not just on trying to sell them anything and you know they just you know got a question. So is this successful for me?

I think that whatever you can do to set yourself apart in this business goes a long wait because there are a lot of people out here who are – were – okay, the bottom line is where all in it to make some money right? But if you treat people as though you are only interested in their money you know, they may go down to world. They…there are more chances that you can may take intellectual time with it. It is a little extra time. I mean I am not intimately in that new coaching sessions with anyone but at the same time I think that people appreciate that and I am able to direct them to things that may be beneficial to them because I have bought many products so may be whatever I send to the list may be that is not what is right for them and they said Oh! Well, this is what I am working on and then you know I am trying to get here. Well, I may know of something else that would work here and then I will send them an affiliated link for that.

Mark Samms: Very true.

Angela Clark: So that translates it into sales. It is has been my experience and then you also want you know to have a positive image of yourself because most likely they are open to talk of other potential marketers of people that they would recommend and the people will say Hey! 26:18 do advised you to do a work at met to this product if you did this to me. You know and that sort of a good will in my opinion and does content. You know and…

Mark Samms: Definitely! When I think about that it makes a lot of sense it is because I think about things like if… If I purchased you something can maybe or I was thinking about purchasing something and I am speaking to somebody who is related to me buying that product. If that person is 26:46 does not have got time for me, it puts me off I do not feel like kind of want to get that anymore but if they spend a lot of time with me, really get to know why I want this and so on and so forth. I might easy sell, so if you do things like that with me I will spend my money and I am buying the additional thing to go with it and things like that so… yeah!

Angela Clark: I will tell you a quick story I would not take much of your time.

Mark Samms: Oh! Go ahead please.

Angela Clark: Early on, I paid a lot of money for coaching with a very prominent marketer. I am not going to name him. You know he had a very solid reputation. I 27:23 of him and I thought you know this is going to be great. I want to jumpstart my internet marketing from here. I am going to put this money down. I am going to be you know in business in the year you know in the year’s time I am going to make all these ridiculous money because this guy, this is the one.

And I put that money down with him and what I found was he did not response any of my emails. I can never reach him. I struggled for months just trying to get basic information out of him at after spending $2500 because that people does not hey! you know that is… that is a ton of money and I did not have it just a total wreck you know…

Mark Samms: That is – it does not matter who you are, yeah! It does not matter that is a lot of money so yeah definitely.

Angela Clark: Right! So you know in the marketplace I still see him up pitching his coaching. I still see you know him he is selling his products and he does sell very good products but you know when people would ask me as I go along in my internet marketing career growth you know if you coach with him, and what would you learn? What product can you recommend? I am very honest with them 28:28 those were the things you know people to talk and the industry is smaller than you think and it gets out what gets out you know I spent money to him but support wise he was never there and they can have a long term impact. I do not want someone to say those things about me but you know now I can never recommend any of his products then.

Mark Samms: Yeah! Well yeah, definitely, definitely that is – whatever he notices it or not it has an effect to his business. .

Angela Clark: Exactly! And so you know that is why to me it is important and if you know of course we are all busy and we do not have time to respond in every message but if you know.

Mark Samms: The system is completely in place it has no excuses your system is completely in place to make sure that responses of people or people who responded to and if you are asking someone to spend that type of money then I think that you should be able to be creative enough to put the system into place to allow to at least get responses to their questions.

Angela Clark: Exactly.

Mark Samms: Oh! I agree, I agree completely. Okay, so I have had – I just lost a little bit there. Okay so what we was talking about like the importance of rules in a relationship and how to treat your list well and you have saying that you have a spend a lot of time that was – you does — you spend some time responding back to people that asks questions or things like that and that even turned in sells on certain occasions as well so. That is in a key things to pick up on that guys.

Angela Clark: There were also an occurrence when somebody – you know send them a freebee once in a while.

Mark Samms: Yeah!

Angela Clark: But something that is really useful solid content to them and they will appreciate that you know they say Hey! I am going to be on Mark’s list because I know that he sends out good stuff every now and then.

Mark Samms: It sounds some great end of you! 30:20 so you know this guy is cool Gary Vaynerchuck. I think I have said his name right, have you heard of him?

Angela Clark: Yeah! I think I have heard him, yeah.

Mark Samms: Yeah, he has got it – is similar to what you are saying where you tried to 30:37. I remember a business summit from him and he has got his wine shirt or something like that and he does other stuff in the business but he was – he 30:45 called the thank you economy and he talked about some of the great similar where they would go – he makes it as profit business mission to go out of his way to find out about who that customers are what is important to them like for the demo on twitter on wherever they are 31:06 and understand in them and then when people buy stuff and they get to send back her thank you message back to them or something like that. They make it very personalized that I think he sent like a baseball top or something like that of one guy’s favourite baseball team.

Could this guy bought made a really large order and the guy was like how did you know that? That is amazing! I am a customer for life now. Those things so is definitely the thank you economy, I can see how that… how that makes a big difference and I think what it leads to is that speak of them just building a list in regards to making money. If you are just going to put in the list and send them out that information it is more about how you structure to how you stand out.

Angela Clark: Exactly! Anything you can do to make yourself exactly standout from the crowd is going to be positive and beneficial to you is in doing great things for you and your business and you know we are all trying to sell but I think it may take time to do those but you know it – seriously like – seriously it may take a lot of time but there is – those little things, those little extra touches, so far you know on what it will do for your business.

Mark Samms: Right! Great! So when you come to like construction to content within your email, what is your philosophy be? Is it short copy, long copy or combination of both? Plus – what – yeah what is your reasoning behind that?

Angela Clark: Well, I have done both. What I found was 32:44 and I do not know that there is still something I am working on in testing. When I write short emails but maybe have less information 32:57 just like you know check this out. When it is more than mystery to it I could easily put some things like that. They want to see it, what is it about? But then there are other emails you know where 33:11 longer in detailed and you know they still do well so I think you know it just depends. It depends on the offer, it depends on the number of things but always you want to have a call to action obviously.

Mark Samms: Okay, yeah.

Angela Clark: and differs on different places throughout the emails and year you know when you look at this, something of that nature.

Mark Samms: Okay, that is cool, that is cool and in your career so far like building a business online and things like that. What would you say that some of the biggest mistakes or errors that you have made while building your list and how can – what sort of things would you tell people to avoid, make sure you missed like turn into and things like that. What are some of those?

Angela Clark: Well, okay. One of the biggest mistakes I made was once I had about I guess maybe a thousand people or so in my list. I started doing ad swaps where you know I would run another marketers offer to my list and they would run my offer to their list. I did not really do those properly. I would email people’s offer to my list because that is what just supposed to do!

Mark Samms: Yeah!

Angela Clark: And realized that you know other people out there were doing different things to return those numbers of clicks, so the one thing that I were doing basically that I know now is been doing 34:47 and definitely negotiate everything on the format hey! On average I am able to deliver you know 115 clicks you know up and down and offer to my list. I will just tell the other person this is what I am going to send you. I can send you 200 clicks, okay?

He agreed to match clicks! Because I sent clicks to people you know I have been ending a hundred clicks and I get like 10 in return and every time you send an email you know you lose a few subscribers and so you know that was a disservice to me. So now I negotiate everything when it comes to swaps I talk about an appointment. “Hey! I am going to send you at least a hundred clicks. Can you match me? Okay, great!” you know ask more questions because there are some people who you know when they swap with you that is adding your link into a PS they are not really emailing anything directly to your list and you make up those hundred codes over within seven days is supposed to the fact that I just sent them a hundred clicks the same day just as soon I am sending an email to my list.

Mark Samms: Yeah!

Angela Clark: So that is the one that I do differently. It really would have tightened up on how I end up swaps.

Mark Samms: Okay, okay, okay. Anything else?

Angela Clark: work…

Mark Samms: Information of content…

Angela Clark: Anything… you know what, I would have taken action immediately because…

Mark Samms: Oh! Okay.

Angela Clark: You know I tried to study lots of things, review lots of things and I spent a lot of time getting ready to get ready to do…

Mark Samms: I have done that myself.

Angela Clark: It does not have to be perfect. It just needs to be done. It does not have…

Mark Samms: Yes, that is right.

Angela Clark: Just put your stuff out there, get outside of your comfort zone you know just start and doing things and figure it out as you go along the way you know, you make mistakes but I am telling you, the first time I make $200 in an hour I was like “Oh! My God!” that was like way easier that I ever could have imagined. I was checking myself because I just had not could act it on the things that I was reading about sooner.

Mark Samms: Yeah!

Angela Clark: So more than anything start doing whatever it is in reading about how am I to put to together in effect to sales comma. Start trying to put that thing together now and if you keep doing the technical aspect. Find somebody who can help you, partner with them broker with them “Hey! I will do this for you if you do this for me”. Just start doing whatever it is.

Mark Samms: Okay, that is good, that is good, that is a really good advise their definitely. So I remembered you mentioned about like a mentor and you got yourself a mentor, is there anybody that you would like to still say that this person has definitely made a difference in regarding my business or is there any sort of fact walked through a training or a courses that you have taken that really have made a difference in you growing your business that you have got source of let people know about or if you are not that.

Angela Clark: Well, I will tell you Frank Salinas would – I think he is partnered with John Cornetto. Well John and Frank I did a couple of coaching sessions with them several months ago and the information they gave me was invaluable. I mean I had the basics down and I had done coaching and mentoring you know with other people and they did not help me but when they showed me how to monetize you know every aspect of my colonel my emails. It just offered my mind just so many things that I did not see before so…

Mark Samms: Okay.

Angela Clark: It was tremendous just for that aspect

Mark Samms: Okay.

Angela Clark: And now I 38:50

Mark Samms: No excellent, excellent, excellent is that. 38:53 so you have intrigued me now. Well you said that the helped you monetize the aspect of your funnel. Could you kindly give me a summary of some of the areas that they talked about or does key leverage plans.

Angela Clark: So in your email you know you may be promoting offer. It could be your offer or someone else’s or maybe it is just concept content message. You add a PS, in the PS you know maybe going to a pause for action offer something that is going to pay you a couple of dollars every time when someone clicks on it or inputs their information which is like that or if it is not necessary for something that is going to pay some money or to pay you clicks.

You may partner with another marketer and say “Hey! We are at the beginning of the month let us do some integrated marketing I will run some things to your list or up on the banner or on to the market pages” you know and you guys essentially and you just kind of walk like we say until the end of the month and you say “Hey! Okay Mark, I am adding your offer to a couple of PSs and my follow up messages and you know at the end of the month if you – if I have gotten you let’s say a hundred clicks you know, and you are doing the same thing for me and you would not got me 50 clicks then maybe use on a mailing out to your list to match it up, you know.

Mark Samms: Pretty cool! That is really cool. I can see where you are coming and that makes a lot of sense. So integrated marketing in a sense like you are using…

Angela Clark: Exactly! – well, so you know what…

Mark Samms: Partnership concerns, yeah.

Angela Clark: Yeah! It is not just you know on the PS you add banners to thank you page for other people. 40:46 Do not just go and bring on the banners up there you know learn to do something that is you are going to earn money for earning clicks. So there is someone else’s offer and they are going to return those clicks to you or want to reshape form or if it is another cause for action are offered like ad in the number of paper lead programs you know and so those are few things that I add to my thank you pages you know every time someone signs up and I am going to be paid about fifty or two dollars you know from entering in there. If they…

Mark Samms: Excellent! Excellent! So definitely after this call I just maybe share some those paper lead type of options that you have… you have going on their because I will be definitely interested in getting involved in some of those.

Angela Clark: Okay! Not a problem.

Mark Samms: Because that sounds really cool. Okay, so you got your own products, sort of things like that. 41:40 – you say you got some products and stuff like that, right?

Angela Clark: Actually and affiliate marketing course that I sell now it is the continuity programs that will teach you from start to finish – how they get started as an affiliate marketer which you know once you have a list essentially that is what you can do with it you can promote affiliate products to it or like I said before promotion general products. The course actually takes a year but it gives you all of the details from start to finish and you know step one does intrigued you so.

Mark Samms: 42:21 content in that course already?

Angela Clark: Yes, so it is…

Mark Samms: Amazing! That is amazing!

Angela Clark: Yeah! Exactly! And so I repeat that content to my buyers each week or they can do it formally and they can get like the first quarters session if you get someone wants to do a jump on it but the idea was not to you know, basically, create information over load because we get a lot of information and it is like “Oh! Oh my God! This is seems it is so much” so the idea was you know camp each week and when I send you a message then you know these people does work on these things 42:58 getting all the respond all together. Simple site, those are the things.

Mark Samms: Okay! It makes a lot of sense, okay that sounds really cool so like could you. I just want to know if my guys wanted to 43:13 know more about you, follow you even get involved in that affiliate program because I will say I will do my research on everybody that I speak to before hands and if I feel that if I feel that the person has got integrity and definitely it is going to be someone can I value to you guys. I am happy to say that I recommend what services and products or stuff they offer so go ahead and let them know whether they can get involved in that program and also like your blogs and things like that as well.

Angela Clark: Sure! Okay so my blog is that www dot angelad as a doctor, dot com back slash blog if you just found angeldclark dot com you know you probably see one of my squeeze pages and you can get on their or to my list. If you want to check out you know through the other things that I am working on or what is going on in my business or a bit other things that I am recommending, you can check out my blog that is angeladclark dot com back slash blog.

Mark Samms: Okay, Excellent! All right, and then the – yeah, definitely going to that guys and like from the stuff that we have gone through today like what I feel and I always say this at the end of every interview is that it does not matter how much information you have on things that no matter how core how intriguing the information sound that you feel that Oh! That is definitely going to work and so on and so forth. Without taking action on that information it is going to be no results so you got to take this information on take harder the bit that makes sense to you, the bits that you can use you go to take action of it guys because without doing that it is going to be no results and as you see or just started the people that I am talking to, you will realize that the reason why they get into success is because they have come for places where they may be was not taking actions stay away or so on and so forth but they now and they now are and they are getting results.

So you are going to start to see that common things so you got to pick up on that. Let the light bulb go up in your head and take some action people. Take some action to make it happen, alright? And one last that I would like to really be thank you for Angela today for coming on and spend us some time and really deliverance and really good information on different things that you can do in regards to getting yourself started. Getting wherein from where you started as well and things that are really important and if you want to know more about what Angela is doing, if you feel that her style of teaching from what you got from her so far is going to be able to – is the same to abide that you can work with and stuff like that. Then go ahead and go over to her site that is angelad…

Angela Clark: clark dot com.

Mark Samms: So it has, do not worry, do not worry what I am going to do anyway, when it goes up on a webpage, there will be a clickable link to that page and you guys could go over there check out what she is doing and see what you think and see if it sounds that it even makes sense for the direction that you are moving within your business. Okay guys?

Angela Clark: Thank you Mark.

Mark Samms: So Thank you again Angela, Thank you so much and This is Mark Samms and 46:30 over now.

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  1. This was great, thanks! I think so many peolpe do focus on the rich/poor aspect, rather than righteous/unrighteous. I’m going to listen to some more of this sermon, it sounds like there is great things to be taken from it! I had no idea there were 4 groups either..LOVE learning something new!

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